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Detection II, 2012

The “Detection” project consists in registering the emission of heat produced by the humans bodies and by the architecture. Thermovision technology permits detection and imaging of changes in heat radiation emitted by physical bodies.
Through precise scanning of changes in body temperature we can effectively register physiological correlates accompanying emotional states which might result from religious elation, illness, nervousness, fear or sexual arousal.
“Detection” reflects the issue of potential infiltration of further levels of our private lives.
Project in its final form would become a 3 channels video projection displayed simultaneously on a plain surface in the gallery room. Each projection channel would display two opposing frames presenting communication centres – architecture and moving silhouettes of people. The displayed material would be registered by mean of the thermovision technology described above, which permits for detecting and imaging changes in heat radiation. Thanks to its properties, the thermovision camera used during project implementation would permit exact registration of the heat emitted by objects within the frame. This would result in detection of the actual anomalies that make an individual or a group of people act at a given moment in a manner that is different than usual or different from others’ behaviour.
The soundtrack was composed by Hubert Napiórski, on the basis of recordings made at the locations where video material was registered and on “Solfeggio frequencies” used so as to provide subliminal stimulation of the audience.

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