domingo, 17 de fevereiro de 2013


zz project 

This project was an action that took place in order to remove the image of a swastika from a sidewalk that had been placed there when the sidewalk had been installed and the concrete was still wet. I found this image in the sidewalk while walking in my neighborhood. It was hard to determine how long the image had been there but by locating numerous dated mason stamps on sidewalks in the neighborhood and taking into account the similarity between these other sidewalks and the concrete at the location of the swastika, I would estimate it had been there well over 30 years.
Continuing related collaborations: The action was documented by a filmmaker and sound artist that I am collaborating with and there are several other projects currently being worked on related to this action.
This is a short film documenting zz project that took place on 5-1-2011.
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