quarta-feira, 17 de fevereiro de 2010

Call for artists


Starting in 2010, “Park – Art Magazine” is a joint project which aims to bring together as many creative minds as possible, from different backgrounds and willing to share their work through a home-grown printed publication dedicated to art & culture, possibly making it´s way into the web in the form of a downloadable PDF.

We´re based in Porto,Portugal and since the project it´s still at an early stage, we´re asking at this point for work submissions.

If you would like to see your work(s) featured in our pages, you just need to send some quality sample pictures (300 dpi´s) to the following e-mail:


All disciplines are welcome, from drawing to illustration, screenprinting and painting, sculpture, design and photography, essay, you name it…

Attached to your work(s), please include your name (or author´s names for group works), date of execution and web page (if available)

The very anatomy of the mag will rely on a (hopefully) ever growing list of contributors. We want it to make it as diverse and challenging as we can.

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